Register for Worship

Starting next Sunday, April 11, Prairie Grove First United Methodist Church will be opening our doors again for in-person worship. In order to register to attend, you must fill out the form at the link provided the week of worship at

Below is a video explaining how registration will work.

Road to Relaunch

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After much prayer and consultation, the Church Council, last Sunday, voted to proceed with relaunching limited in-person worship starting April 11. We are taking many precautions to ensure the safety of our members and guests, including:

  • installing ultraviolet lights in each air-handling unit to kill airborne pathogens
  • using a fogger sanitizer after each gathering
  • providing socially-distanced seating
  • requiring online reservations for those who wish to worship in-person ( currently a maximum of 50 spaces)
  • masks will be required in all parts of the building

Our complete Relaunch Plan is available here.

We look forward to seeing you very soon!

2020 Financial Report

Hi it’s Doug Stumbaugh with the monthly financial report for December. Our Revenues were $20,045.24 Our Expenses were $14,241.57 we finished the month $5,803.67 in the black. For 2020 our total budget was $300,566.72 our Revenues were $280,282.43 Our Expenses were $259,832.23 we finished the year $20,450.20 in the black. Our financial situation has gotten a lot better from where we were at in 2019. Thank You for continuing to support the church financially. Our total budget for 2021 is $309,356.98 some of the big budget items are Payroll is $134,382.16, Building Payment is $85,641.48, Utilities are $20,600, Worship is $3,000, Youth and Children ministry $3,900, Insurance is $10,300, Office Supplies and Equipment are $6,300, Electronic Banking Fees are $3,000. The council decided to budget for conference apportionments they are 20,221. The council each month will look at how the church is financially and decided how much of the monthly apportionments we can pay. We have not payed apportionments since May of 2019 due to our financial situation. Last year the council focused on getting our expenditures to line up with our revenues. The decision to add apportionments to the budget was based on last year’s finances, the Pastoral change, and it’s part of the church being a member of the United Methodist Conference. If anyone has questions about the budget or would like a copy of the budget please let me know.
Doug Stumbaugh