COVID-19 Grocery Mission, Week 2

This week, we have passed out or delivered this set of groceries to 36 families, which totaled 150 people. We spent right at $350 for the week on groceries. That makes it $9.73 per family, and $2.33 per person! We were also able to take some to the Little Food Pantry and will be reaching out to Life Ministries.

We had a handful of families who told us they didn’t need the help this week and to give it to someone else because they had secured a job, had some left over, or didn’t have kids at the house. It was so encouraging to have these conversations, and we will be checking back in with everyone next week to see if they need more assistance!

I’m updating each week for two reasons.
One- transparency. Many of you have helped donate funds to do this, and we want you to know how they are being used.
Two- we still need help funding this as the number grows each day and we try to keep up with it over the next few weeks.

If you would like to help us with this mission, please donate on the link below! As you can see above, even $10 will feed a family for a week!

Thank you so much for helping us serve our community! We couldn’t do it without each and every one of you doing your part! I encourage you to help out somewhere/somehow even if it’s not with this particular ministry! We will get through this together!

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