COVID-19 Grocery Mission: Week 3

This week, we passed out groceries to 35 families- 163 people. We spent roughly $421.01 making it $12.02 per family and $2.58 per person for what you see below!

Over the three weeks we’ve done this, we’ve given out 99 boxes of food which has served 443 people. Total, we’ve spent $1,158.37. This makes is $11.70 per family, and $2.61 per person!

Again, we couldn’t have done this without monetary donations from our community, and Arkansas Egg continually giving us enough eggs to pass out a couple dozen a week to each family! The majority of our families are from Prairie Grove, but we also have a handful from Lincoln, Farmington, and the surrounding area!

We are still planning on offering this every week until the normal school year ends! As of today, we’ve had 60 total families signed up to receive groceries, so we are serving a different group of people each week! We still expect some new faces, and we are so thankful for those who have let us know they had enough for the week and to save it for someone else!

As always, we will keep you updated and are extremely thankful for everyones prayers and support! Please continue to do so!


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