Introducing Text Giving: (479) 777-7979

Sure, the world is crazy. There’s a global pandemic that is changing the way we live, work, and worship. There’s an election that is highly contentious and taking up a lot of headspace. There was even something about murder hornets there for a bit. But one thing that we want to make sure we do as a church is meet you where you are to serve, give, and worship in the way that makes sense for you and your family.

Starting today, there is a new way to give to Prairie Grove First United Methodist Church: Text Message. That’s right! Welcome to 2020, church! Read on to learn how.

We have a new number to add to your phone for our church: (479) 777-7979. This is the number you can text to give donations, tithes, and offerings to PGFUMC. Simply text a number to give that amount in US Dollars to our church.

Text an Amount To
(479) 777-7979

If it’s your first time giving to the church via text message, you will have to add a payment method first (checking accounts are better for fees, credit or debit cards are fine though). Any donations received in this way will go directly to the General Fund that is used to pay church bills, salaries, debts, and operational expenses.

Want to give to a specific fund? You can do that too by texting the number then a space and a keyword. Simply use the following keywords to designate where you want that donation to go: youth, building, or wefeedpeople. The “youth” keyword will put the gift into the youth and children’s budget. The “building” keyword will put the gift in the building fund that is used to pay for the mortgage on the building along with building upkeep and maintenance projects. Last, the “wefeedpeople” keyword will put gifts into our missions fund that is used for our feeding ministries, to help families in need, and to fill other needs in our community.

For example, if you text “10 youth” to (479) 777-7979 then you will donate $10 to the Youth and Children’s Fund.

You can read more about the keywords and commands you can use at this link on the Breeze website: Click Here.

Got questions? Email us at or grab a worship leader on Sunday and ask for help and we will be glad to answer any questions you have.