Life Choices

If you missed worship this past Sunday we looked at life choices, how we utilize the power we have been given. Our scripture was 1 Samuel 24:1-7, where David finds he has an opportunity to kill King Saul and put an end to his oppression and rise to his anointed place as King.

David chooses not to kill but grant mercy. Doing so he places himself and his men in harms way, but this choice foreshadows a Christ-like understanding of power. We have each been given some amount of power in this life. Some much more than others. How we choose to utilize that power is an indicator of how we see this world and choose to live out our faith. We can utilize our power to conquer our situation or we can utilize our power to grant mercy and love. It’s our choice.

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Prayers for a New Year

If you missed worship last Sunday, you missed an extended time of prayer. December 1st was the beginning of the Advent season and the 2020 church liturgical calendar. We moved through the church to prayer stations where we prayed for our church, our gifts, our struggles, our blessings, our witness to the community and many other things. During communion we also brought forward our prayers for what might be holding us back from fully committing our lives to God and full communion with Christ. 

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Advent, Multiplying Our Faith (5 by 10 in 2020)

As members and regular attenders at First United Methodist Church in Prairie Grove we have committed ourselves to five ways we will support our church. These five practices are our prayers, our presence, our gifts, our service and our witness. During Advent we will be discussing each of these during Sunday worship. Particularly we will be finding out how to multiply these five practices by 10. Imagine the impact we can have on our community if each of us is truly committed to serving our church through these five practices multiplied by 10 in 2020. 

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