Presence of God

Last Sunday our message came form 1 Kings chapters 6-8. Solomon has built the temple where God’s presence can reside on earth, but even Solomon recognizes the magnitude of God is not bound to the earth. As Christians in the 21st century we are blessed with the reality that God did reside on this earth in the person of Jesus Christ. With Christ’s, life, death and resurrection we are now connected to¬†God by the Holy Spirit. This reality creates in each of us the potential by God’s grace to be living vessels of God’s presence here on earth. It also places with us the reality to gather together and be “The Church”. The living breathing hands and feet of God here and now.

This Sunday we will encounter Solomon’s falling away from God and the struggles of the Israelite people under unfaithful leadership. Where do you turn in times of struggle? Who do you seek for council when the way forward is unclear? I’ll see you Sunday as we look to Scripture for guidance.
Pastor Lee

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