Supporting the Prairie Grove Police Department

We have an idea of how the church can show the Prairie Grove Police Department our love and support during this difficult time and to thank them for all they do to keep the community safe.

The plan is to give each officer a gift bag that will include gift cards for restaurants, and coffee shops. The gift bags will also include baked goods like cookies and brownies, snacks like granola bars, peanuts, beef jerky, candy bars, small packages of crackers, and trail mix that they can keep in their cars because the officers on patrol work 12 hour shifts. These are just some ideas of items I came up with to put in the bags.

If you would like to bring thank you cards or a note of encouragement to put in the bags, these would be welcome. If you’re kids want to draw a picture and write a thank you note on it we will put those in the bags also. We will be putting together 18 bags, one for each officer. The plan is to spend the next 2 weeks collecting the items. We would like for all items to be here by Sunday, May 23. There will be a tub in the foyer to place the items in. If you need your items picked up please let Carl, Brea, or I know and we will pick them up. There is a giving link below. We will use this money to buy the need items. 

Click here to donate to our missions fund.

Thank you,
Doug Stumbaugh