When Did it Hit You?

When did it hit you that things really are different? When did stress and anxiety take over your normal personality? Obviously we are all living in a situation that we assumed was only for the movies. I had a first wave of anxiety a couple week ago. It passed for me, but I’m still very conscious of the cloud of stress we are all sitting under.
Anxiety leads to depression, but a good word encourages. Proverbs 12:25 CEB.

We may be isolated, but we are not alone. We may fear what life will look like going forward, but we are not alone. We may be full of anxiety, but we are not alone.
In this time of confusion and fear, look to God for a comforting presence. We often sanitize our prayers, like children who don’t want our parents to know the real problem. Now is the time to dump it all out. Spill your guts to God. The good word is Jesus.

We must let the living presence of Jesus in our lives break out of the bonds we place on ourselves and trust our God who knows all our fears and struggles.

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